Growing kids with character

“The manual you wish your child was born with.”

In this enlightening read parents will learn how to:

•    Cultivate each of their kids’ unique way of encountering, following, and worshiping God
•    Disciple and discipline based on each child’s blueprint
•    Help their children celebrate God’s individualized design for others

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As a first-of-its kind bonus, each book comes with a scratch-away code that gives access to one free Tall Trees Kids Profile Report! The Tall Trees Kids Test is a 360 degree test: Up to 4 people can complete the assessment about one child, and their responses are combined to arrive at a more accurate picture of their child than they would arrive at on their own!

Depending on a child’s age and gender 18 scenarios are chosen for the assessment, such as this one in which four different personalities each have their own typical reaction to a pet getting run over in the street. By choosing the Treelet who act the most like their child in each scenario, the child’s personality can be determined, and a report is generated accordingly. Each report gives feedback about six aspects of their unique child!

You can find the Kids Profile here.