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Find Your Mom Personality part 1 of 2

Find Your Mom Personality part 2 of 2

Most parents are intent on not spoiling their children because they know how detrimental it can be to the child’s character development, however, Hettie Brittz points out ways in which parents could be spoiling their children without even knowing it, and steers them away from some of the common mistakes parents make in this area.

Knowing your child’s in-built temperament can help a great deal in not spoiling your children. Well known author and speaker, Hettie Brittz, teaches parents to recognise spoiling based on how different children respond or behave in specific circumstances, and gives parents clever tools to avoid making the mistake of spoiling their kids.

Although we’ve been freed from the Law through Jesus Christ, as Christians we can still live out our lives leaning on the principles of The Law rather than God’s Grace. Hettie Brittz shares an incredible story of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro where she both experienced, and gained a greater revelation of God’s Amazing Grace.

Unnatural Mom - Mother's Day with Hettie Brittz

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