Unnatural Mom

A practical and grace-filled book for every mom who failed at cloth diapers, dreads school plays, and misses the days of going to the bathroom by herself.

International parenting expert Hettie Brittz confesses, “I skipped the moment when I was supposed to be endowed with mothering instincts.” But as she shows in this funny and heartfelt book, even the mom who feels like an unnatural mother can find joy in motherhood. 

Brittz gives readers permission to say mothering doesn’t come naturally to them—and she gives hope to believe that who they are is who their kids need. Including Brittz’s popular parenting style profile, Unnatural Mom frees readers to stop trying to be a “natural mom” and become the mom God has equipped them to be.

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Growing Kids With Character 2.0


Growing Kids with Character 2.0 is an updated edition of the original best-seller, Growing Kids with Character, with new baby and adult profiles and free access to the latest online profiles for pre-schoolers, tweens and teens.

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Fearless. Free.

fearless. free. sheds light on the tough questions we don’t ask out loud:
How can a senseless crime work together for good? Why do some people recover while others remain broken?
Discover the truths that made this family fearless. free. What if the same God and the same truths could heal your hurts?

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Parenting resources by Hettie Brittz

Hettie’s Evergreen Parenting Ministry in South Africa provides courses, talks and resources to support parents and educators. Orders will ship from South Africa, taking a bit longer than Amazon! We already ship to Australia, the UAE, the UK and would love to have distribution partners in the USA!
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The leader guide to the group study by Hettie Brittz.

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The leader guide for the study by Hettie and Louis Brittz.

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