A foretaste of flopped cake

Yes, flopped cake, because that is the ultimate stamp of motherhood. If you haven’t cried about a flat attempt at baking glory, you’re not a real mom yet!

The flopped cake on my book cover wants to put you at ease: Here, on this page, there is grace for flopped cakes and all the other motherhood failures. We pitch up in pyjamas, we don’t always blow dry our hair and we leave coffee stains next to the mouse pad. We are real.

And yet, we are here because we know and hope that we can grow into supernaturally natural moms of wonder. We know that God has put into us brilliant designs for destinies to come.

We are (un)Natural Moms – natural when we’re in our element and unnatural when the world wants us to be supermoms. We debunk the myths and embrace the mystery of a variety of mothering styles and stories, each as unique as the trees outside.

We were never supposed to line up in perfect conformity. We were always meant to be creative and reflective of the Creator’s manifold beauty.

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