Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday

I am deeply touched each Easter by messages about the death of Christ through which we now live by grace. Our host in Tennessee just read an amazing article by John Ortberg (from his book “Who is this Man?”) about Easter Saturday. What was the purpose of the day? He explains it so beautifully. I won’t ever attempt to do better.

But I want to put in words my impression of something else that could have happened on that day….if it happened in our era… This is fantasy meets theology. Please keep a light heart and mind and a sense of humor as you read!


It’s Friday afternoon. A demon rushes in with one of those glowing white notes the Enemy dreads. It needs no signature. The annoying light it emits says it all. It is an ordinance from Elohim.

The last time one came was just last night when the meddlesome “Messiah” had all the dark forces the Enemy could spare focused on Him in Gethsemane. It was quite the show to watch. Sweat. Tears. BLOOD. The Enemy, thrilled by the scene, had his evil sneer wiped off his face when the ordinance arrived with just one word on it: Enough!

He knew what it meant and called off the entire legion of lying torturers.

Later that night and throughout Friday no ordinances came and he could go all out. He had been looking forward to it because he knew what the prophets  had foretold. It was going to be hellish. Wonderfully hellish. Spit. Torture. Thorns. Beard ripped out. He had a long list of legal viciousness to tick off…

He expected defeated silence when he finally punctuated it all with the sword that drew water mixed with blood; not another shining note! What does it say this time?

One word, and a bulletin attached.  The one word: Tetelestai.

NO! Curses go up in deep demonic grunts and shrieks ring out in shrill unearthly voices. How did He do it? How did He change the game? By dying?!

Tetelestai meant it was done.  What they had done – had been doing over all the ages – was cancelled!

Perhaps the bulletin will explain it. It says:


Attendance: Compulsory for all the dark forces

Speaker: Jesus Christ

Cost: FREE (Get used to this)

Time: Dawn to dusk


Session 1: Death’s final death (This session will take a while. Much has just changed drastically. Forever. New rules will be discussed. Come open-minded)

Session 2: Disarmed by Truth (Bring all current weapons to this session. They will be taken away with or without your permission. You will keep only one – your ability to lie to those who lack truth. You will learn to flee at the command of Christ and at His Word.  Ample time is set aside for interactive exercises.)

LUNCH: Dust is served

Session 3: Time. (The concepts of Alpha and Omega will be explained as well as the meaning of Christ being the Beginning and the End. There will be an open Book exam at the end of this session.  The book of Revelations is suggested reading tonight. Disclaimer: Not for sensitive readers)

Session 4: Grace. (A highlight to the day’s program. Good news for the poor. You won’t understand until you see this at work in the world. We’ll go over it anyway. Compulsory for all accusers.  A quiz about Galatians 3-5 ends the session.)

KEY CEREMONY: A fitting end to the day’s program. Jesus will be taking up keys from all the devils of death as He will, from now on, be the Sole Keeper of the Keys. Refer to Revelation 1:17 for clarity.

Recommendation: Get some sleep

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